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Welcome to iFUBA Products

Ifuba Products is a leading manufacturer and distributor of customized building interior products in Southern Africa. We are the only licensed local manufacturers of renowned international product brands such as Hufcor Operable Walls, Pyropanel Firedoors as well as our own company product brands such as Trucore Architectural Doors, Pyrocoust Acoustic Fire Rated Doors, Ifuba T1 & T2 Toilet Partitions and Flushline & Eezee Access Panel Ceiling Accessories.

Our tried and trusted product range has been manufactured and distributed in Southern Africa for two decades and consists of highly functional finishing systems for customers needs in configuring interiors of buildings.

We pride ourselves on high levels of service, quality and turnaround times that meet the requirements of our clients customized needs. Our production output is streamlined to create the high quality product we are proud to manufacture. Our plant and machinery requirements are reviewed and upgraded on an ongoing basis so that we can keep evolving our products to meet the demands of changing commercial building environments.

OUR TECHNICAL TEAM are specialized experts in their respective fields with decades of experience in the South African building industry. Our services include working closely with professionals such as architects, specifiers, builders and property developers. We are able to innovate and engineer the best bespoke solutions for individual building projects in acoustics, fire protection, ergonomics and space planning.
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Hufcor Operable Acoustic Walls

Hufcor operable partitions also known as Airwalls®, folding walls, flat panels, movable walls, and room dividers set the standard for quality, durability, acoustic separation, and ease of movement. They are the creative way to add flexibility and functionality to your space. Hufcor is a world leader in operable acoustic partitioning…

Hufcor Operable Glasswall Partitions

Hufcor has combined the beauty of glass with the functionality of an operable partition in our Glasswall partitions. Distinctive, elegant design provides clear, uninterrupted views. Glasswall is a top hung moveable glass partition system that can be stacked way remotely to provide a clear entrance or closed to provide a physical as opposed to a visual barrier…

Pyropanel Fire Doors

Ifuba/Pyropanel has done extensive testing and development to British, European, New Zealand and Australian standards. Our doors are fully SANS 1253 compliant and are manufactured to adhere to the strict specific requirements of the National Test Standard, 1253:2003. Our standard fire rated hinged doorsets are available in 1 and 2 hr rating or class A, B & D in single and double leafs…

Pyrocoust Acoustic Fire Doors

With our Pyrocoust Acoustic Fire Doors you can now get fire protection with the added benefit of acoustic insulation from one door. They are manufactured for a guaranteed and proven 30 minute fire protection and up to 34DB sound insulation making it the obvious and most economical choice…

Trucore Architectural Timber Doors

Trucore architectural timber doors are totally eco-friendly. Its honeycomb core is manufactured using recycled material and it offers weight reduction with a Honeycomb cores that are incredibly lightweight which means easier transportation, handling, storage, and are simply lighter to work with. Innovative technology of the core delivers all the strength benefits of typical honeycomb type construction…

T1 Toilet Partitions

Our T1 toilet partion system offers lightweight construction, durable panels and functional accessories make it an aesthetically pleasing and cost effective alternative to brick construction. The system offer a wide range of panel patterns and colours. Flexible cubicle configurations also cater for the requirements of the disabled making this partitioning solution the number one choice for many installations.

T2 Toilet Partitions

Our T2 frameless toilet partition system is a frameless toilet partition system with innovative design and superior aesthetics.
The innovative design and functionality of our T2 Toilet Partition System was inspired by the need for an upmarket, durable, vandal resistant toilet partition system. The product is superior in quality and is targeted at the high end of the market but remains affordable.

Ceiling Access Panels

Ifuba Products innovative Ceiling Access Panels offer a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing alternative to the conventional gypsum trap doors, ensuring that your trap doors look neat and clean all the time.
Modern and very functional, our Ceiling Access Panels are available in three different configurations -Top Hung,
Bottom Hung and
Lay In. .

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